reCAPTCHA | Google News | Developers Guide |Google recaptcha update

reCAPTCHA | Google News | Developers Guide |Google recaptcha update
Google code reCAPTCHA update new algorithm.Google kills the incredibly boring CAPTCHA with a new “invisible” test to spot humans.Internet users are now well used to the brief frustration of the CAPTCHA system – fast tests that require you to type distorted letters or check a box that says “I’m not a robot” before continuing.But now,Google uses automatic learning and advanced risk analysis techniques to spot potential robots without you knowing it.This means that the tests will be “invisible” because the system will rely on distinct indices that will allow it to know that the user is a human being, or to alert him of a possible bot.
According to reCAPTCHA, Google’s tool to eliminate spam on the Internet, the new “invisible” service will allow human users from their interactions, eliminating the need for a dedicated test.But, if it detects a suspicious activity, you will be asked to take one of the traditional tests.“With the new API, a significant number of your valid human users will pass the reCAPTCHA without having to resolve a CAPTCHA,” says the company.The reCAPTCHA tests include checking a box, verifying a Google Street View address, decrypting a distorted word, and solving a simple puzzle.For the most part, however, a human user should be able to pass through easily, as the system is designed to be “hard on bots” only.
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