Chrome 57 Delivers | Longer Life On Laptops | Chrome Updates

Chrome 57 Delivers | Longer Life On Laptops | Chrome Updates 

  • Chrome 57 for Windows, Mac and Linux was launched last week
  • Chrome 57 for iOS Introduces New Read Later Function
  • Chrome 57 for desktop provides better battery management
Google Chrome updates,Chrome 57 was launched last week to Mac, Windows and Linux users around the world bringing several under-the-hood experiences. However, Google has now noted that One of the significant improvements includes the extended life of the battery. This has been achieved by reducing the energy consumption of the bottom tabs due to Strangle management.Background tabs tend to consume one-third of Chrome’s energy consumption on laptops and the latest version of Chrome 57 speeds up individual background tabs by limiting The timer trigger rate for the bottom tabs using excessive power. “Chrome has focused on improving the user experience by overwriting the performance of tabs for many years. As many browsers, Chrome has limited timers in the background to run only ‘Once per second Load of 1 percent of a kernel if an application uses too much CPU in the background Tabs audio playback or maintaining real-time connections like WebSockets or WebRTC will not be affected’, software engineer Of Google Alexander Timin notes on the blog Chromium.
This new choke mechanism reduces the occupied bottom tabs by 25%, which inevitably reduces overall energy consumption. Timin also notes that the ultimate objective is to For the background tabs to rely on new APIs for service workers to work in the background.Chrome 57 for the desktop also incorporates a two-dimensional grid layout system in the CSS Grid layout that essentially tries to make it easier for developers,While maintaining and supporting designs on different screen sizes – large or small. Apart from this, the new version also fixes up to 36 vulnerabilities.
In addition, as expected, Chrome 57 for iOS is also being deployed and version 57.0.2987.100 brings along the Read Later rumor feature – just like that of Safari. You can find the function by pressing Share -> Read later on iOS devices. To save items for later playback, you can save them by tapping on the three points In the upper-right corner, and then clicking the Playlist option. Google says these articles can be read even without an Internet connection as they are Saved on your device. The Read Later function separates the items in “Unread” and “Pages that you have read” options.

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