Snapchat Updates Bitmoji Widget | Faster Access To Messaging | Android and iOS

Snapchat Updates Bitmoji Widget | Faster Access To Messaging | Android and iOS

Snapchat updates with Bitmoji widget,As it continues to expand its reach, Snapchat today is deploying a new widget to its iOS and Android applications. The new widget allows users to instantly start chatting with a fried snapchat by simply tapping on their Bitmoji. The move comes as Snapchat puts an increased focus on private messaging, as noted by TechCrunch.Monitor Samsung U28E590D 28 inch 4K For those who do not know, Snapchat quietly acquired Bitmoji and its parent company,Bitstrips, last year for about $ 65 million. Bitmoji is an iOS app that allows users to create custom emoji characters that are highly integrated into Snapchat.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the new Snapchat widget allows users to instantly start a friend’s email by tapping on their Bitmoji character.On iOS, the widget is accessible from the “Today” view on the lock screen, the Home screen and in Notification Center, while on Android it is a widget,homepage.To add the new Snapchat widget to iOS, navigate to the bottom of today’s interface, tap “Edit” and look for the Snapchat icon. Once you click on the “+” next to Snapchat, you will see the Bitmoji characters of your “Snapchat Best Friends”. Tapping on them will instantly open a mail thread in the Snapchat application.
The same process applies to Android, but you just press an empty section of your home screen to add a widget, then choose up to four friends to include.So, you get a little more customization on Android than on iOS.Snapchat puts more emphasis on messages that Facebook is trying to catch up with Snapchat Stories feature by adding geostickers to Instagram Stories and expanding its Messenger app with its new “Messenger Day” feature. However,Snapchat continued to update and extend its own application with new messaging features, new AR features, improved discovery and more.
The latest version of Snapchat with support for the new Bitmoji widget is available for free on Android and iOS. The update brings the application to version 10.4 on both platforms. Let us know if you are going to add the new Bitmoji widget to your device in comments.

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